As part of the ASA (American Statistical Association) led World of Statistics campaign, that took place in 2013, Plymouth University in association with the CensusAtSchool project created a world stats quiz; with some questions based on our international CensusAtSchool questionnaire results.

Although the Stats2013AtSchool site no longer exists the quiz still does and can be accessed using the link below.

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The quiz is made up of 12 questions, each being randomly selected from a bank of questions. Each question is based on a unique topic, these include:

  • Problem Solving Approach
  • CensusAtSchool Questionnaires
  • Data & Variables
  • Distributions
  • Samples and Populations
  • Probability
  • Bar & Pie Charts
  • Boxplots
  • Histograms
  • Scatter Graphs & Time Series
  • Averages
  • World Statistics

Each question has four possible responses, answer by clicking one of the responses. If you get a question correct the response you clicked will turn green, if you get it wrong it will turn dark red. To progress to the next question just click the ‘Next’ button.




The quiz relies on your web browser using JavaScript and will not work correctly if it is not enabled. If you do encounter any errors please first upgrade your web browser and check that JavaScript is enabled.


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