Discovering Important Statistical Concepts Using SpreadSheets

The DISCUSS project is a modified and supplemented web-based implementation of the widely used DISCUS materials for teaching elementary Statistics. It aims to integrate the powerful interactive capabilities of Microsoft Excel with the convenience of web-based resource materials.

DISCUSS was originally produced at Coventry University, UK as a project supported by the University's Teaching, Learning and Assessment Task Force.. The main authors were Neville Hunt and Sidney Tyrrell, although other authors are acknowledged on certain units.

From the latter part of 2014 the DISCUSS project was moved from its home at Coventry University and is now hosted by the International Centre for Statistical Education (ICSE) based at Plymouth University. It is the intention of the centre to update this resource whenever possible so that it remains a useful and relevant tool kit for teaching elementary statistics. Please be aware that many of these resources, especially links to external sites and the downloadable Excel spreadsheet, are out dated and may not function as expected.

Before you begin please take a look at our Setup page for advice on getting the most from DISCUSS and then use the links below to navigate the units.

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Authored by Neville Hunt, Sidney Tyrrell.
Last content update: 24 March 2003.