DISCUSS was originally produced at Coventry University, UK as a project supported by the University's Teaching, Learning and Assessment Task Force. The main authors are Neville Hunt and Sidney Tyrrell, although other authors are acknowledged on certain units, see below.

The units on Regression and Correlation, Critical Path Analysis and Sampling Methods received additional support from the Learning and Teaching Support Network - Maths Stats and OR network (LTSN MSOR). The LTSN and MSOR have since been absorbed into the Higher Education Academy (HEA), further details can be found on the HEA site.

  • Regression and Correlation - James Nicholson, Queens University of Belfast.
  • Sampling and Estimation - Gerry Mulhern, James Nicholson, Queens University of Belfast.
  • Critical Path Analysis - Barrie Baker, Coventry University.
  • Probability with Dice - Nicki Cologne-Brookes, Coventry University.
  • Boxplots in Excel - Daly, F, Hand, D J, Jones, M C, Lunn A D and McConway, K J (1995). Elements of Statistics. Addison Wesley / The Open University and Devore, J and Peck, R (1990). Introductory Statistics. West Publishing Co.

Authored by Neville Hunt, Sidney Tyrrell.
Last content update: 24 March 2003.