Please keep in mind that some of these materials require updating and these setup instructions are now outdated.

To achieve maximum benefit from DISCUSS units please note the following:

  • Units contain certain features currently only supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 4.0+).
  • DISCUSS makes extensive use of Microsoft Excel (Version 97+) for interactive activities. If you do not have access to Excel, either on your computer or via a network, you will be unable to run these interactive elements.
  • Materials utilise the whole screen area, so for best results you should maximise the browser window and use the View option on the browser's main menu to remove the status bar and any non-essential toolbars.
  • Many of the Excel spreadsheets use sophisticated calculation techniques which will not function correctly if other Excel files are open. You are advised to close down all Excel files before running DISCUSS.
  • A few of the Excel-based options utilise macros and a warning to this effect is given when the file is loaded. You can be assured that these macros are from a reliable source and should not contain viruses. However, the authors cannot accept responsibility for any consequences arising from use of this software.

Authored by Neville Hunt, Sidney Tyrrell.
Last content update: 24 March 2003.