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The American Statistician – The Undergraduate Curriculum

The American Statistician, the official journal of the American Statistical Association, have a special issue focusing on the undergraduate curriculum. You can read the press statement and access the journal pages using the links below.

Although this issues looks at Undergraduate Programmes in Statistical Science in the States there will be a great deal to interest those involved at this level in the UK.

On a related note, there is an extremely good interview with Professor Stephen Fienberg on the Statistics Views blog (dated November 10th 2015). The interview has some insights into the future of data science and the use of Big Data. Find it on the link below.


Don’t Panic – How to End Poverty in 15 Years

Tomorrow night on BBC TWO (UK) Statistician Professor Hans Rosling is back with more amazing visualisations, showing the world how we can end poverty. This is part of the BBC’s This World series, find out more using the link below.

Professor Rosling is an excellent communicator and educator who likes to let data do the talking with some exceptional data visualisations. Watch the programme live on the 23rd September (8:00pm, BBC TWO) or catch it on the iPlayer (UK) afterward.

Many of you will be familiar with the GapMinder project and the previous programme shown on the BBC to feature Professor Rosling entitled The Joy of Stats, this appears to now be available, in full, on YouTube.

Census Applications: Using the UK population census data

The UKData Service are holding a two day event at the University of Manchester in July (16 – 17) entitled “Census Applications: Using the UK population census data“.

The UK population census data provides the most compressive snapshot of life in the UK today, it isn’t just about allocating money to local authorities to run public services it can be used to help to track and analyse social and economic trends and capture the diversity of our people.

This looks to be a highly informative event.  You can find out more by visiting the UKData Service on the link below. There is also a link to our very own CensusAtSchool project, that demonstrates how census data can be introduced to the classroom to enliven multiple subjects with real data.UKData Service Logo


Statistical Concepts Using Spreadsheets

The ICSE is proud to announce that we are now the home of DISCUSS the Discovering Important Statistical Concepts Using SpreadSheets project.

DISCUSS was a modified and supplemented web-based implementation of the widely used DISCUS materials for teaching elementary statistics. It aimed to integrate the powerful interactive capabilities of Microsoft Excel with the convenience of web-based resource materials. The project was originally produced at Coventry University, UK by the main authors, Neville Hunt and Sidney Tyrrell (other authors contributed to various units).

As part of the transition all pages have been updated to display correctly in modern web browsers and while it is the intention of the centre to update DISCUSS further, so that it remains a useful and relevant tool kit for teaching elementary statistics, users should be aware that the content, including spreadsheets, has not been updated since 2003.

Note also that you can find guidance notes on how to create box plots within Excel, that are also included as part of the DISCUSS materials.

We would like to extend our thanks to Dr Neville Hunt for maintaining this excellent resource, for providing it to us at the centre and for assisting with the transition.