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The American Statistician – The Undergraduate Curriculum

The American Statistician, the official journal of the American Statistical Association, have a special issue focusing on the undergraduate curriculum. You can read the press statement and access the journal pages using the links below.

Although this issues looks at Undergraduate Programmes in Statistical Science in the States there will be a great deal to interest those involved at this level in the UK.

On a related note, there is an extremely good interview with Professor Stephen Fienberg on the Statistics Views blog (dated November 10th 2015). The interview has some insights into the future of data science and the use of Big Data. Find it on the link below.


Increase Your Chances of Getting a Graduate Job

It was interesting to see this post on the ASA (American Statistical Association) This is Statistics site that hints at a big demand for statisticians in the future.

It goes on to say that careers in statistics will grow much faster within the predicted period (2012-2022) than any other occupation and that earnings will remain high. The prediction is via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics but recent stories in the UK, would tend to indicate the same is true here.

The article ends with a call to educators to share this information with students as far and as wide as possible.

So…don’t go nudging your students into becoming Mathematical Physicists, as valuable a career choice as that is, put them on to a career in statistics instead, they will thank you for it in the future when they walk straight into that graduate job.


World Stats Quiz

WOS LogoThe World Stats Quiz launched in 2013 as part of The World of Statistics, has now moved and can be found right here on the ICSE site.

Produced by Plymouth University in cooperation with the International CensusAtSchool Project the quiz now has thousands of responses.

You are welcome to take part and can access the quiz here.

Why not visit the World of Statistics website for news and resources.

ASA launches ‘This is Statistics’

ASA the American Statistical Association is launching ‘This is Statistics‘ this month, a public relations campaign for statistics that aims “to elevate public and media awareness of statistical science and change the public’s perception of statisticians by educating them about the many ways we help solve policy, research, business, and other problems”.

Although the site has an American focus the videos and articles will be of interest to all those involved in statistical education. ASA produced an introductory article back in June, that provides a bit of background information on the new campaign, see the link below, you can view the campaign site at thisisstatistics.org.

ASA: “Launching a Public Relations Campaign for Statistics”

Before you go…the first mention of  ‘This is Statistics’ we saw outside of ASA came from ‘The Aperiodical‘ a UK based maths blog that can be found here aperiodical.com/about.